I and 3 friends hiked Mt. Williwaw yesterday (Wednesday June 18). Since Glen Alps is closed for construction, we started from upper huffman trailhead and went up to the ballpark between Big and Little O'Malley. We traversed the length of the ballpark and stopped at Deep Lake and Black Lake (both still very much ice-covered). Down into Williwaw Valley there were still patches of snow to cross, but nothing major. As we angled to the right of the mountain to get up into the high cirque things got more and more snowy. Eventually we made it to the steep gulley that heads right up the mountain. The 50 hikes book recommended ice picks, but we didn't have any equipment at all, so we tried to stay on the sides of the gulley and do some scrambling on the rocks. We had to cross over to the other side a couple times, but didn't end up having to climb UP any sustained periods of snow. But we looked down through some holes in the snowpack and it's still 10-20 ft deep in a lot of places. The summit was snow-free and by the looks of the register we were the first to summit this season. We were able to glicade all the way down to the floor of the valley, ~ 1300 total feet. Be careful, though, at a 60-70 degree angle you will go FAST. We hiked out through the williwaw lakes trail and back to the trailhead. Start to finish, 13 hours. 9 out, 4 back. Be prepared for lots of snow for a while still to come, there is plenty up there.