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Thread: Where to Go This Weekend?

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    Looking for a hike in camping area that offers fishing, sight seeing, or other things to do for a family of four. Children are 10 and 12 and better than average hikers. Was going to hike to Crescent Lake but it's closed to fishing until 7/08. Any recommendations? Live in Wasilla and don't want to/can't drive too far, 100 miles or less. P.M. me or answer here which ever you prefer. Thanks.

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    Maybe try Eagle lake/ south fork of Eagle River? I'm not sure about the fishing though. But a great easy hike

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    I fished symphony lake last week....It was outstanding, I was using a prince nymph and nailing them! I then switched to a mouse pattern for grins. Grayling were pounding the mouse, I loved it.

    Bonus: All grayling were returned to be caught again!

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    Well, if anyone is interested we ended up going to Eklutna. Didn't do any fishing and it rained all but Saturday afternoon/evening, but I was in awe of the area past the lake. Absolutely incredible. The wife and kids are wore out but it was well worth it. We'll be going back to explore more of the area and possibly back country camp past the lake.


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