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Thread: Bears!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Bears!!!!!!!!!

    Hey folks jsut thought i would share a heads up. went hiking around north fork in eagle river valley mile 7.7 eagle river road. and there are bears galore. i found t least for diffrent sets of tracks. couple medium bears. a sow with this years cub. and a big ol boy. will load pics when i get home. but the big boys track was wider and longer then the 20 dollar bill i used for scale in the pics. not to mention i ended up jumping a bear that was just off the trail. was adolecent grizz .spotted it just i the nick of time was in tall grass and alders about 5 feet off the trail. was only 20 feet from me. barely saw his but through a small break in the bushes. .luckily he was more interested in the rooting around then he was in me. did take notice when i tried to turn my camera on to take a pic. so decide the better part of valor was to back off when he noticed me. so heres the heads up make sure u folks stay safe and aware out there. had my 12 gauge with me full of slugs and was still feeling a little squirly.

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    Exclamation Trail near Prudhoe, mile 10 or so ER road

    Got charged by a sow and cub a week ago. Accidentally got between them and their fresh moose calve kill. It got interesting real quick. The kill site is on an unused overgrown portion if the trail.

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    Default Bears

    A Black Bear crossed the trail in front of me on the trail to The Dome this evening. No issues, it just darted into the forest.. It was about 20-30 yards away.


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