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Thread: ER North Fork to Ship Creek to Crow Pass

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    Question ER North Fork to Ship Creek to Crow Pass

    I'm looking into adding a little more adventure to my hiking this summer. I've been all over the outlying areas of Chugach Park as well as the Eagle River and Eklutna Lake areas and hiked most all of the usual trails.

    I'm looking into going from North Fork of Eagle River, past Symphony Lake and over the top to Ship Creek. Then up Ship Creek, over Morraine Pass, down Camp Creek to intersect the Crow Pass trail, across Eagle River and back down to the Eagle River Nature Center. I have the Chugach State Park map and it shows a trail for the route.

    I'm familiar with the trail to Symphony Lake and the Crow Pass trail, but not the area between the two. I'll likely be traveling alone, but that is not a concern to me. I've spent a quite a bit of time in the mountains and have been out for up to 11 day stretches on sheep hunts, albeit those were with a hunting partner.

    How much of a trail is it and how much bushwhacking is involved?

    Can I do it in 4 days without busting my hump too much? I'd like to travel around 10 miles a day which will leave me time to enjoy myself too.

    Anyone familiar with this route?

    Any input is much appreciated.
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    once you leave symphony lake until you get to camp creek there is no trail. Above symphony lake to near No Fo Ship creek you're in Alpine tundra so no biggie there. Its dropping down to NoFo ship creek and up to Grizzly bear lake that's the hassle. We had plenty of willow-bushwackingin that section.

    We hiked up to the tarns above Symphony lake in a day, then hiked over into what I called Ewe Valley in a very easy day. We camped there because of the abundance of sheep and our viewing opportunities. Then we spent the next day hiking to Grizzly bear lake. That was a long day. I'm not sure what the tundra is like through Morraine Pass because its always been in snow the couple of times I been through there, but the snow has been hard pack and easy to get over. On the north side of Camp creek is a "rudimentary" trail.

    I hope that helps, ask more questions if you want.


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