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Thread: Is my trail selection still good based on 2008 snow?

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    Default Is my trail selection still good based on 2008 snow?

    Coming to Alaska for the first time in about a week for a vacation. I heard there were unsually a lot of snow this winter. Here is my trail selection. Should I change any of the trails for something else based on predicted snow leftover. Would like to avoid snow deeper than 8-12 inches on the tral.

    6/14: Eagle/Symphony Lakes Trail
    6/15: Crow pass to pass only
    6/17: Harding Icefield
    6/18: McHugh and Rabbit Lakes
    6/19: Reed Lakes
    6/20: Lazy Mountain
    6/22: Kesugi Ridge Trail – 17.2 mi (Little Coal Creek to Ermine Hill)
    6/25: Worthington Glacier Ridge Trail

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    The snow has been melting pretty well out of the chugach the past week or two. I wouldn't be suprised to find some patches here and there on the trails, but anything with southern exposure should be pretty well cleared out.

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    The top of Crow Pass will almost certainly have many feet of snow, but it won't matter. You can walk right on top of it, and it adds a certain kind of flair to the trip for folks new to Alaska.

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    Lazy Mountain is virtually snow free as of last week. It looks like McRobert"s Creak to the top of Matanuska peak are mostly free of snow as well (the valley and mountain behind Lazy).
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