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Thread: Fish Wheels and hydro electricity ?

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    Default Fish Wheels and hydro electricity ?

    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']I was wondering if anyone has ever come across a set of plans or drawings for building a fishwheel? I am curious on how they are designed and built. Kinda wondering if one can be setup to generate electricity for the owner at their fishcamp. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks[/FONT]

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    The ATA has a how to book can't remember the exact name Alaska How to Book or something along those lines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nukalpiaq View Post
    ......Kinda wondering if one can be setup to generate electricity for the owner at their fishcamp.......
    Here's some info on waterwheels.

    Here's more.

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    Default Ummm

    I don't believe a fish wheel would produce enough rpm at any gear ratio to produce electricity.
    Overshot waterwheels are more effecient than undershot waterwheels, because the gravity adds to the torque of the wheel.
    Hydro electric plants use head pressure and water volume to make RPM/Power.
    Unless you have a FAST moving stream nearby that has enough volume and drop(head) to make power you may be relagated to solar/wind.
    For the most beneficial book you can get on the subject check out
    AEE their book/catalogue has formulas and equipment for alternative energy production as well as charts on usage requirements. I think it is like $7.50, but it's a gold mine of info. They also sell all the parts necessary for a complete system.

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    Default Stream Engine

    Google "stream engine" I think they will work in a current similar to what a fish wheel needs and a fish wheel would be a good platform to mount it to

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