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Thread: packable raingear/chilkoot

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    Cool packable raingear/chilkoot

    Me and my little lady are planning for the chilkoot for 08' starting to get our gear together but still not sure about what packable raingear to get. red ledge and marmot come to mind but any suggestions out there.

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    I really like the Marmot Precip. It's not quite as bombproof as the Helly Hansen Impertech, but it's a lot lighter and easier to pack. It's also more breatable, which I appreciate if I'm hiking during a light rainfall.

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    The most packable raingear I've stumbled on are Cabela's Ultrapack set. (Or is that Ultrapac? Ultrapak?) They're breathable and squish down to about the size of a pair of heavy winter socks. They got them that packable by minimizing the bulky components: the zipper is only 1/3rd length, and it uses neoprene tabs instead of plastic cordlocks. They only come in camo colors, though.

    I've used mine for a few big off-trail hikes with only a single small rip to show for it. That's par for the course in my experience with packable raingear. I've only had them for about a year, though, so I don't know yet how well the waterproof layer holds up. Overall I like 'em.

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    I think the Marmot Precip is your best choice (I believe last year's model can be found at sierra trading post for under $70) ... you'll definitely need breathable rainwear when hiking the Chilkoot. We didn't have any rain until our last day and we didn't even bother with any rain gear on those last 4 miles ... we just changed into dry clothes at the train station in Lake Bennett.


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