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    Default latest trip pics

    Spent a few days on the trail with our two "kids" who are still here over Christmas break. Temps were mild, around -15, and we used an 8x10 wall tent. Already had tent about ten miles away, and the second day we moved it another five miles or so, ran into some bad overflow and not such good avenues for trailbreaking across the flats to explore further.

    You might note in this picture below that the stove is a 15-gallon drum. I had already had that up there but is too bulky to carry, and we use a six-gallon outboard can fashioned into a stove that is real slick. Turned upside down it has a flat cooking area that is pretty good size, and that stove fits sideways in my rig and doesn't take up too much room.

    Kids were skijoring in front with one dog each and I had seven dogs in the team. Set more marten line, ran into bad overflow on the way back that was problematic. Bunny boots are sure good for that!
    Best to all.

    Sure getting good use out of new led technology in headlamps and lanterns.

    Maxxed out toboggan load. Dang hard to cram everything in there! The moosehide (on top) works great for a warm sitting area in the tent. We put spruce boughs down as well and other hides/pads.

    Upper section of tributary creek near the last camp

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    Great pics Mark, thanks for sharing.
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    Default Thanks for sharing!

    Always good to see your pics!
    I couldn't quite make out the stove in the pictures, but I have an understanding of what you are saying. That is one loaded sled! About how many pounds would you estimate? Are the tobogan type sleds common? Wouldn't it be easier going with runners? I can see the weight distribution bit playing a big part in this I suppose. I wonder how many times you had to pack that sled before you got it all to fit just right!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Lol I just love that sled. You should come do the Chena Hot Springs Passenger Race with us in March. It's a 1900's recreation. We have ours covered in burlap. Looks like every one had fun.
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