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Thread: Finding a CFI

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    Question Finding a CFI

    I have finally decided to persue my private certificate. Can anyone offer some advice on selecting an instructor? I live in the Anchorage area so I'd like someone local.


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    Just start looking. There are quite a few flight schools at Merrill. I would highly recommend Land and Sea. I did mine at Aerotech, they are good too. I hear that Take Flight doesn't always have their ducks in a row, and can be hecktic a lot.

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    In your own plane, or renting a plane, too?

    When I worked at Take Flight they did not do instruction for folks that owned their own plane, but you might get a referral. I think Land and Sea is the same way. Not sure about Aero Tech.

    The guy from Land and Sea I talked w/ at the trade show seemed pretty good, plus they do some tailwheel work. You also might try Arctic Flyers at Lake Hood.

    There will probably be a pvt ground school starting at UAA in January- you might want to look into that. I have always thought it saves time and teaches you alot of nice to know stuff that you will not get if you study one on one with your instructor.

    Good luck.


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    Default CFI's

    A lot of picking an instructor has to do with personalities. There are alot of good ones out there, and every one learns in a different way. I have ahad ones that were too nice and ones that were A-holes. I really liked flying with Glen at Aerotech when I was finishing up my instrument, but did think they had some older planes. I really like flying on base if you have access, plus its alot cheaper.



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