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Thread: ok 2nd chance at pic's

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    Default ok 2nd chance at pic's

    the place is 20x24 w/dek on 2 sides , sorry about the "dark" pic of the other wall as it's late and i,m just tossing this out there put up in 6 ..14 to 18 hr days w/ 3 men 85 % of the time a 95% of goods on the ground and me pushing my buddys an partners to get her done ( i built my our house out of pocket 1992 to 2000 ?.. 3800 sqf ) so i know what to do/make happen and this was our 2nd cabin as the 1st one (rite under the new one ,burn down when the boundry fire Started 400 YRDS OUT THE window ... (by the way that fire did not half to happen the way it did but that is another story )..on to happy times as we did better w /the planning ect with the new place!..
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    Default beautiful

    Do you have any more pictures of the rest from inside and out that you can share?


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