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Thread: hiking with dog around Anchorage

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    Default hiking with dog around Anchorage

    Looking for some good trails to hike with my dog this winter. I dont mind climbing up hill and I dont mind putting on the snow shoes if I have to. I have lived in Anchorage a bit less than a year but I have not gone out hiking yet. Thanks for any info.

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    The options are endless.

    Take a drive out to Eagle River. Take a right at the Highland Rd/Eagle River Loop exit right after the weigh station. Take another immediate right onto Highland Road and follow it to mile 7.2. Follow the brown signs to the South Fork Eagle River trailhead. Park, hike, and enjoy. This trail offers access to the high alpine if you want to climb, or a nice trail snaking 6 miles back into the valley if you want to stay relatively flat. No parking fee.

    Drive up to the Glenn Alps parking lot. (Take O'Malley towards the mountains, follow the brown signs.) Park and either hike up Flatttop or take the trail off to the left. To the left you can follow Powerline Pass, climb up the opposite side of the valley, or drop through the woods back down towards Anchorage and the hillside trail system. $5 parking fee or State Park Pass necessary.

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    You don't even have to get out of anchorage, there are miles of trails in various greenbelts, Campbel Creek, Westchester Creek, Russian Jack park, BLM land, etc, etc. Just be aware of the dedicated X-country ski trails as dogs paws mess up the trails. There are multi-use trails for ski-jouring and dog mushing so no problem taking your dog.


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