I was riding my 4 wheeler in the Jim Creek area. Miles from the truck I dumped it into I guess Knik River or maybe Friday creek area. The ice was at two different levels and was gapped. I went in with a buddy on the back. He made it across and I went in under the wheeler. I was knocked unconsious briefly and came to under the ice. I pull myself into the open water and pull myself out just before the two flowing waters met and then shortly went back under the ice out to cook inlet. Miles from the truck we rung the water out of our clothes the best we could. We ran for the glacier being that is where all the activity was. Then we realized we getting further from the truck. The buddy had a red sweatshirt on as an under layer. We heard an airplane and proceeded to try and flag it down. It swooped in close, very close but never landed. We figured it was because of the terrain. The plane I believe circled and then left. We ended up making it out with some hunters I heard fire a single shot. Life savers for us. As it was clear and sunny but 20 degrees or colder that day. So just wondering if anybody had heard this story from a pilot or was the pilot that seen us in distress. The wheeler had two tires sticking out of the open water. I know it was a while ago. But have thought of that pilot from time to time and wondered if he went for help for us. Or if he was trying to land and couldn't or if he did land just not near us. But if he was trying to help us I would like to thank him.