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Thread: Dogs and Crow Pass

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    Default Dogs and Crow Pass

    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and I have a question about crow pass. I did it several years back and thourougly enjoy it. I will be doing it again near the end of september and I am curious; would it be ok to bring my dog on the hike? He is a very stout german shepard/chow mix and comes up to me knees in height. I am worries about the river crossing though. I would appreciate any feedback on this subject, much thanks

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    I have had friends bring their dogs along on the hike and they have all done fine. One dog did start to struggle a bit on the stream crossing because he swam back and forth multiple times because of a constant stream of people crossing (there were nearly 30 of us), but other than that large dogs have always done well with the crossing. Does your dog fetch? If so, perhaps you can test its river-crossing skills by taking it down to a river (Eagle River campground?) and tossing a stick to the other side. If you dog swims two lengths of the moving river OK, it'll likely be fine on the hike.

    Personally, I would be more concerned about a dog that is prone to chase after bears than the river crossing.


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