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Thread: New Wiki Article: Alaska hiking

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    Arrow New Wiki Article: Alaska hiking

    A new article, Alaska hiking has been added to the Alaska Outdoors Wiki. It is a short article with only general information. Much more can be written. You are welcome to contribute to this part of our growing encyclopedia of the Alaska outdoors. You need only be a forum member to edit.

    Editing is easy: just click the edit tab at the top of the article. Don't be afraid to make mistakes! Please dive in and add your expertise.


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    Question Wrangell-ST.Elias NP

    I will be trekking approx a 50 mile section From Jaegar Mesa to Tanada lake or the landing strip at Pingo. My Question is, has anyone been to this area and could you give me any information, Like crossing the Jacksina creek, Jacksina Glacier, How is the fishing at Mesa lake, Grizzly lake, and Sheep lake? The route I have in mind is from Jaegar Mesa , drop down to Mesa lake and on to Jacksina creek, possibly crossing the Jacksina and traversing across Jacksina Glacier and back down to Grizzly lake and on the Sheep lake , getting picked up at either Tanada lake or Pingo. If you have any experience, WISDOM or input on this area, your comments will be appreciated. Thank You.


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