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Thread: 180 throttle linkage

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    Default 180 throttle linkage

    need to nitpic some heads

    Got a new engine in and an old problem, which was on before i owned it, 1966 Cessna 180H

    The problem is the rear "gear leg" is that of a 185, which combines the alternator mount in it. The mechanic was calling it a gear leg, im not sure if thats right or not....Basically its the mounting bracket that connects to the motor & mount

    Apparently the version we should have on it has just the leg connected to the mount / engine and then u can connect a throttle linkage to the engine side to secure the throttle

    But because the arm contains the alternator mount system, theres no place to mount the throttle cable link(age)....ATM there is a homemade T linkage that had a t on the bottom with a T on the top, with the linkage secured that way, but no idea where it went so he connected it to the rear intake hosing via 2 clamps, when you push the throttle completely in, you can easily see the entire linkage move forward with the cable, causing a kink and almost 45* angle in the on the throttle side of things, it shoots back out about 6-8" so its not completely "in"

    a few things i need to nitpick.....

    from the looks of it, we need an alternate way to secure the throttle cable, because even if he gets an alternate secure link, the line will still kink, what i would imagine would be to move the throttle location out of the firewall somewhere else (higher maybe) and have more of a sloping angle of the cable and securing it that way with a custom mount compared to the existing "hose connector"

    From my understanding, because there is a 185 leg on it, there's no easy solution to just go out and buy a new alternator link kit (or harness)

    any suggestions? a few suggestions have been to go to Dodge or Floats Alaska and have them work up a new custom part for us to get this secured nicely, kinda need a fast solution because we are already getting close to hunting season and time is running out to put some good breakin time on this engine

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    Ok, the first question is, are you on floats? If not, then take the plane up to Palmer to BJ's and talk to Bob jr. He has seen just about everything a 180-185 could have. If there is a solution to your problem, he will find it. He probably has the correct mount leg in stock also. If you are on floats, then take the drive up to BJ's or call him and discuss your problem with him. Again, he will find a solution for you. Tell him Adison said hi!

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    ATM i am on wheels, the mechanic atm is pretty adamant about not flying the plane (although i told him, that its been in this predicament for 15 years now, which doesnt make it right of course....)

    I will give Bob a call on monday first thing and pass the note!


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