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Thread: Sitka Plane Crash

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    Unhappy Sitka Plane Crash

    Well I guess the luck was with me as the house that the plane hit was were I was working days earlier on the Telephone pole out front. It was just down the street from the place I stay on Marine Ave.
    It was pouring rain the morning of the crash as I was working 2 blocks away under a tarp in my bucket truck. I heard the plane that was definitly having problems with the engine, so much so that I came out from under the tarp to see it disappear over the trees and crash.
    It the weeks to come I bet the cause of it is an engine problem as it sounded pretty bad.
    It's a shame as they were not far from the airport.

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    Default agreed

    My wife was in Sitka also and unfortunately saw it go down as well.... shook her up a bit to see it. Especially since she had to get a plane that evening to come back to Anc.....

    God bless the folks and their families.


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