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Thread: Best time to start seeds indoors

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    Default Best time to start seeds indoors

    I just picked some bell peppers, tomato and other seeds. When would it be the ideal time to start them indoors so they are ready when the soil warms up?

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    That really depends on each individual set up. Middle March works best for me with tomatoes. Any earlier and the plants are too big and cumbersome by the time I can safely move them to the unheated greenhouse. It took me a couple years at this location to figure out what works best for me.

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    Yes every situation is different and every year can be different when planting outside.
    Also are you talking greenhouse, raised bed, in ground?
    What part of AK are you in?
    Some things I start 6 weeks in advance of moving out.
    Others it is only 4 weeks or they get too big and a bit leggy.
    A few things take a bit longer.

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