Bushnell Nitro 2.5-10x44 Black - FFP Deploy MIL reduced from $499.99 to only $199.99

A first focal plane Nitro with the Deploy MIL reticle in a versatile close and mid-range configuration. Uses rugged 30mm tube construction that hunters & shooters demand, and a large 44mm objective for bright imaging and forgiving eyebox.

Capped turrets - Require no tools to reset or turn

Fast Focus eyepiece
Ironclad Lifetime Warranty
Includes 2.5" sunshade & flip-up scope caps
Exclusive EXO Barrier Protection - Bushnell’s newest and best protective lens coating molecularly bonds to the glass, repelling water, oil, dust, debris and preventing scratches.
IPX7 Waterproof construction - O-ring sealed optics stay dry inside, when immersed in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.
Ultra-wide Band Coating - Anti-reflection coating applied to both lenses and prisms, for the best possible light transmission.
THE BUSHNELL DEPLOY™ MIL RETICLE The Bushnell® Deploy™ Mil reticle provides a very accurate means of range estimation. The mil markings also allow precise leads for moving targets and exact compensation for shooting in a crosswind. There are hashmarks at every 0.5 Mil for accurate elevation holdover. With accurate ballistic calculations, the Deploy MOA reticle delivers accurate shots, every time.

SIGHTING IN / AIMING POINTS The Deploy Mil reticle is intended to be sighted in at 100 yards, and is calibrated in Mil (Milrads). The reticle has wider markings every 5 Mils. The user can sight-in at 100 yds on any magnification setting, as all Deploy Mil models are FFP.

COMPENSATING FOR THE EFFECTS OF WIND / AIMING POINTS The Deploy Mil reticle also incorporates windage hold points on the horizontal axis in the reticle to aid in compensation for the wind’s effect on bullet trajectory. Windage hold marks are spaced at 0.5 Mil intervals, with longer marks every 5 Mil. The first few 1 Mil marks on the vertical (elevation) axis are also useful for windage purposes, as each mark is 2 Mil in width. To use the windage hold marks, first determine a range to the target using a Bushnell laser rangefinder. Once the range to target is available, an estimate of wind velocity must be made. The reticle can then be elevated to the correct yardage mark and then moved horizontally into the wind direction using the Mil wind marks on the Deploy reticle in order to compensate for bullet drop and wind drift. Illustrations of the reticle markings are shown below. The Deploy MIL reticle is designed to be used with any caliber, bullet weight and velocity. Simply run the ballistics with a known velocity, BC, zero distance and environmental data to get your Mil drop points at various distances.

Elevation/Windage Travel 17.9 MIL/17.9 MIL
Travel Per Revolution 10 MIL
Eye Relief 3.7"
Weight 23.9 Ounces
Length 13.6"

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