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Thread: Search and Rescue efforts underway after reports of plane crash near Cooper Landing

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeRoss View Post
    Sad news. Probably was ideal conditions for icing.
    It would have to be some extreme icing to bother a navajo.

    Quote Originally Posted by pipercub View Post
    Jeeze why scud run to Seward? Who is medevac Alaska?
    Right? You don't do Seward at night for a reason. At least if you value you and your crew's life.

    Back when I was doing this we removed a guy from the line indefinitely(he quit, because no one trusted his judgement and he couldn't make it back to flying) for even accepting such a flight(to seward at night). He was caught before he got the aircraft out of the hangar before this exact scenario happened.

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    Hmm, rocking his wings after the altitude drop circle... with a Navawhore no less?? Was he trying to shed ice?? Trying to get a failing attitude gyro to center?? We will never know.
    The weird thing is that I used to know the pilot and he used to be Mr Safety Bear.
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