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Thread: My buddy's restored 1956 C-172 was hit by a car

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    Default My buddy's restored 1956 C-172 was hit by a car

    My friend and local IA spent 2 years totally rebuilding and restoring his first year of production C-172.

    I had been flying with him this summer as he was working towards his license.

    Then a couple nights ago during the big wind storm, his plane was hit by a car. Inside the airport area while it was tied down next to a hangar.

    Talk about enough to make you barf. The cowling is smashed inward, one exhaust pipe has been shoved upward
    and one landing gear leg was hit as well.

    We know who did it, but I only have one side of the story so far. One that is not flattering for the car owner. But who knows..
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    My dad had that happened in one of his planes once.
    He called the troopers and they came out and did an investigation and it turns out they already had the culprits in jail for another crime and they pretty much knew who it was by the tire tracks and the paint marks left on his plane.
    Turns out it was a local family who is known to be troublemakers.
    The parents divorced and daddy got a new girlfriend. So mama sent the two teenage boys over to vandalize the new girlfriends vehicle and in the process it ended up being a night of drinking partying and causing mischief all over Kasilof.
    fortunately my dad's plane was tied down to a cable tie down and so the plane was able to slide sideways or the damage could have been a lot worse.
    I hope it works out for your friend. It's a pretty crappy deal when stuff like that happens!

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    I was the perpetrator in a similar incident years ago. I was 17 years old. Parked in front of our airplane on the ramp to quickly get something out of it. Looked up from the cockpit and my truck was coasting towards my neighbor...the damage was nearly identical to the picture posted above. Called the old codger of an airport manager (who eventually became a very dear friend) and ‘fessed up. He got me in touch with the owner. Man, that was a tough call. Still remember it. Insurance fixed it and I didn’t get a butt kicking even though I deserved one.

    Bummer about the friends bird. Hope it shakes out positively.

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    That bites!! I do dig that hose on the nose gear strut, I'm sure that would come in handy if the seal blows. Hope all gets fixed, including any hurt feelings.
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