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Thread: Flight time in a Twin Comanche

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    Default Flight time in a Twin Comanche

    A co-worker of mine is flying his twin comanche from Anchorage to Washington and back in August. If anyone wants to build some twin time, or see some pretty cool country, you can do it for splitting expenses.

    The plane is in great shape- we are a maintenance facility on Lake Hood/ Int'l, and is pretty decked out with avionics. Cary, the owner, is a commercial pilot and an A & P/IA.

    If you are interested, give him a call at 245-1759. That's the number to One Sky Aviation. If you were at the tradeshow this spring his comanche was sitting next to the "carbon cub" with the wild paint scheme.

    ps- I checked w/ a moderator before posting in this forum instead of the classifieds.


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    Some of the gals/guys you might be trying to round up might want to know if the other pilot is a MEI...That would make their investment a very good deal....
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    No CFI- Cary has his comm single and multi land.



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