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Thread: Birch Leafminer larva Picture

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    Default Birch Leafminer larva Picture

    Robins & other birds were under birch
    trees yesterday eating . Checked it out.
    Wind knocking leafminer larva to the ground.
    picked some up for a picture.
    Big ones about 1/4”.
    (pine needle in pic for size reference)
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    Your post raised a question in my mind about their life cycle, so I looked it up. Looks like when the larvae are mature they drop to the ground to pupate... No robins in my neighborhood now, but a week or so ago a bunch moved through, and I noticed they were putting a lot of effort into getting up into the trees and working them over as best they could. There were chickadees and a few other species moving through at the same time, all working the trees real hard.
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