I was talking to a neighbor (this will be neighbor 1) about this and that, we got on the subject of fishing. He had told me about a fishing trip on the Su with a neighbor ( neighbor 2) who lives closer to him. They were each on Catarafts and came to a place where there was a net strung out from the shore. Neighbor 2 had stated it was an illegal operation and decided to take action on his own and he cut the net loose and either let it float away or kept it, not sure. After doing this, neighbor 2 spotted a game camera on a tree or pole and went ashore and took it. Supposedly, there was a cabin up the hill. I asked neighbor 1 why he didn't report it and he said he felt intimidated not to. Neighbor 1 was in his 70's and no. 2 late 30's. Has anyone heard about this or know who owned that net and camera or shine any info on this? It would be appreciated so this person can be prosecuted. Thanks