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    Default Alaska Guides in this Forum

    Hi folks!

    We want to welcome these professional guides and master guides into the Alaska Guided Hunting Forum! We hope their expertise will enhance the enjoyment of your hunt! Keep an eye on this forum for some great deals from some of Alaska's best operators!

    Alaska's Remote Guide Service
    Wayne Kubat, Master Guide #147
    Forum Name: akremote

    Black River Hunting Camps
    Jake Jefferson, Master Guide #212
    Forum Name: BRNBWR

    George Siavelis Master Guide LLC
    George Siavelis, Master Guide #150
    Forum Name: George Siavelis

    If you're a contracting guide or if you represent one, you are allowed to promote your hunts in this space as a sponsor! Email us for details.

    If you'd like to interact directly in this forum, you can do so if you are a Supporting Member. CLICK HERE for details on how to become a Supporting Member. CLICK HERE to join now!

    LOST CREEK COMPANY: Specializing in Alaska hunt consultation and planning for do-it-yourself or guided hunts.
    CLICK HERE to send me a private message.
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    I don't know George personally but know Wayne, he's good people and I've hunted clients that have hunted with his outfit and have heard good things about him.
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