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    One of my fishing kayaks was stolen early Wednesday morning, and I'm trying to spread the word just in case anyone comes across it. It is an Ocean Kayak Trident Ultra 4.3, in a mottled gray/green/black color scheme. It was taken from my backyard in the Turnagain area by three men in a red full size pickup truck. I'll attach some pictures of the kayak below. Unfortunately, I don't have the serial number, but the all of those camo paint jobs are different, so it should be pretty easy to identify. And there aren't many of these up here in AK, just one other that I know of.

    If you have any info about the kayak, please PM me, or respond to this post. I know some of you have already seen this on one of the kayak fishing forums, just trying to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Thanks everyone!
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