Just wanted to clear some things up on camping on the south side of the Kenai while dipnetting. You can camp on the beach all you want, but you Can NOT camp in the small parking area near the fee station. There are signs posted that say NO CAMPING. Your welcome to park, but not between the hours of 11pm and 5am. This area is just for turning around and unloading machines. Try to be respectful of the house next to the parking area. Don't let your dogs run loose, and please don't pee in the trees next to their house. There are sanican's around. The new owner and his family are very nice people unless people don't obey the posted signs in the area.

Everyone's cooperation would be appreciated.

Thanks, and get some fish!!!

ps, there are several campgrounds in the area. South of Cannery there's one about mile 11, called Stedi's. Has an Eagle on the sign. Diamond M has a nice area also.