Well... it flew by so fast, my daughter and I spent 4 days in Homer, one of which was a day on the water fishing for kings. We had a great time last Saturday (May 27th)...even though the weather was a bit on the cool side. Turns out Saturday was the day to fish, as Sunday was pretty miserable out there. We fished where it seems the fish were... and every boat captain seemed to know where the kings were as well.

We booked with the Sea Wolf (Capt Phil)... a seasoned vet out there for sure, and we really enjoyed our time on his boat. And he put us on the fish early and often. We ended the day early, some of the folks got too cold and wanted to call it with one fish left for our limit.

A few photos from the day... there were 6 of us on the boat and Capt Phil and deckhand Travis.

We had a nice system, with 4 rods in the water, each person had a 10 min fish window... catch a fish on any rod, and then rotate to next man up. Catch your limit and you are done for the day. We brought in 11 for the day... left one out there for Josh on the Huntress to be sure he wasn't skunked.

That's me holding the fish... Travis giving me support.

We had our fish processed and frozen for shipping home... 22 pounds of fillets arrived today.

Walked the docks after dinner on Sunday... saw this sweet ride, nice boat. Heard the Captain catches a few as well

Sunday we drove around avoiding moose... man they are thick like fleas up there, and nervous as all get out this time of the year. Drove down Kilcher Rd... had a smoked ham as a care package to share, as I know the winter was rough way out there... but the road was blocked off with old tires. Guessing they have some washed out sections of road there.

Monday we had clear skies and took advantage of photo shoots off the end of the spit. The ride back to Anchorage was interesting as the traffic was getting heavy with RVs. But I learned quick... they know how to drive those rigs and do not like being passed. So, we made good time driving back.

A great father/daughter vacation... memories to last exactly 1 year... and then we have to come back again, we have already made that decision. Oh... a big thumbs up to the Naked Olive, excellent pizza and beer!!