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Thread: Wetlands protection

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    Default Wetlands protection

    What's ever ones thoughts on the roll back on the wetlands protections? Hard to know what to believe.

    I just got a email from DU urging me to contact our politicians regarding this.

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    With due recognition that I'm paraphrasing:

    - Recent rules have expanded "clean water" jurisdiction to "any waters with a nexus to navigable" waters;
    - Regardless of the merits, that greatly expands various federal agencies purview over "private" lands;
    - What does that all mean?
    - On very personal basis, it means that, since I didn't act fast enough, I now cannot modify any more of my 2.5 acres on the Anchorage hillside than is already covered with fill (circa .5 acres) without getting a permit and possibly identifying wetlands to trade....yeah that's going to happen. FWIW, I have to drive roughly 5-8 minutes at 30 -45 mph before crossing a culvert on the road...not sure how "wetlands" enter into the equation;
    - Expanded federal purview might support better habitat for waterfowl; it might cause increased interference with owner's use of "private" lands; it might cause even higher hurdles for access to oil, gas, minerals.
    - On balance, my opinion, and vote would support a change that eliminates the "nexus" provision; IMO the harm of greater government overview outweighs the possible benefits.

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    We are already more than 'rolled back' in the Mat Su: (State 'managed' public lands.)
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