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Thread: Once Fired Brass for Reloading

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    Default Once Fired Brass for Reloading

    I have a lot of once fired brass that I am selling to clean out the garage. All brass has been inspected, cleaned, polished, and the spent primers have been removed. Price is the following:
    9mm - $45 per 1000
    .40 S&W - $45 per 1000
    .45 ACP - $55 per 1000
    .223/5.56 - $80 per 1000

    Price does not include shipping. Shipping is $13 via USPS flat Rate Box. Free shipping on all orders over $100. Please email me at if your interested. Please do not PM me here as I rarely check it, and you will get a quicker response from my email.

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    Still have plenty available for those intrested.


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