I have hiked the West Butte trails for years and have watched as all the improvements have been made to make it a safe trail. The downside is that there are a lot of people hiking it, so going "alone" no longer is an option LOL. Earlier this year there was a cow moose that had twin calves that decided the midway point was "hers". There were warning signs at the trailhead as she did not like people around her and the calves. It didn't take long before a hiker ended up shooting her, leaving the calves on their own. I assumed that they would die fairly quickly. Yesterday morning, on the way to my hike, just before Motherhead Drive, I saw two yearling calves run across the road. No cow anywhere. They stopped in a clearing and I got a good look at them. They were well fed, coats looked thick, and they had a strong tend to get away from humans. I would like to believe that these are the same two calves and they have a chance to make it through winter as they predator population is lower there than other areas. I had a good hike thinking about those two.