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    Default Bear Guard Work

    I am interested in the above. Has anyone done this work?

    Any advice to share?

    Who are the employers to contact for this type of work ? B.P. ? Other Oil and Gas companies ?

    Anyone know what the pay range is ?

    Are there any employers who use Bear Guards in the Winter months ?

    Any adivce on equipment ?

    Where would be a good place to look for this type of job ad to be advertised ?

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    I'd expect that the oil & gas companies contract this out. The logistics and oilfield service companies might be a good route to explore. For example, the bear guard that shot a polar bear in 2011 worked for Purcell Security.

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    I've been on several projects with bear guards. One was on the slope and the bear guard came from the security force that is already up there. On another job they hired a hunting guide. He had a business license, insurance, firearm and bear knowledge. On other job the guard was a local hunter. Not so sure about him. I think he was mostly there so they could say they had a bear guard and they hired locally. None of those were long term or someone who only did bear guarding.

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    Learn to Return does Bear Guard courses.

    They may be able to answer your questions.

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