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    Hi Guys-
    I'm asking for an out of state family member. Does anyone have experience with Big Game Backcountry Guides? Please send me a message with any pros or cons.

    Thanks in advance!

    Here is their website:

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    Thanks. I appreciate the info.

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    I just gave this thread a haircut, because it was getting WAY off topic. While I appreciate that there are different opinions on Alaska's guide program, and some vocal minority views out there, let's try to keep these threads on-topic so folks are able to get the kind of help they need from this community.

    I should note that we don't usually edit threads for accuracy or even for wandering a bit. But this one was WAY out in the weeds and was losing its relevance.

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    sorry to derail this OP, i got a little emotionally involved. best of luck
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