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Thread: No electricity? 6.4 mag earthquake? pebble mine?

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    Default No electricity? 6.4 mag earthquake? pebble mine?

    darn it, I gotta use a candle, and stoke the wood stove. This sure would be a great time to observe the epicenter of that sucker, and contrast it to the largest tailings reservoir ever proposed......

    *** disclaimer, yes i checked the stove flue, and I checked all my natural gas lines in the entire house.......before a lit that candle.

    correction, it just got upgraded to a glorious 7.1. That's beyond the magnitude that destroyed Haiti. Indecisive seismologists...........

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    I kind of checked my flue. Didn't go up on the roof. Did check for gas leaks at my place, my shop, and the GF's place.
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