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Thread: Ski-doo flex edge track

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    Default Ski-doo flex edge track

    Has anyone created a flex edge track by breaking the fiberglass rods in a regular track? I had a Ski-doo mechanic tell me that there is a tool for doing this but then the guy at the parts counter said that he had never heard of it. I have a 2012 Summit XP that I am installing the t-motion rear suspension in but dont really want to spend the money on the factory flex track. I know that I dont need the flex track, but my friends seem to think that it is a big benefit.
    Thank you for any info and opinions.

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    There is a tool to "break" the fiberglass rods in the track. There are pros and cons of doing this and everyone will have their own opinions on it. It will help the machine get on edge easier, but at the same time the machine will "wash out" on steep side hills. Lots of info on the internet about guys discussing doing this.


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