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    Does anyone know the best materials that are both water proof and breathable that have more of a fabric feel rather than a tarp feel that are also thin and fold up nicely. I am looking to make a full aircraft custom cover, it will mostly be a dust cover but would be nice to use as a weather proof cover when traveling as well that will fold up small.

    does anyone know of a place that sells a bulk material like this. I called a few places locally and they had nothing that met the above requirements so if it exists I am guessing it will have to be ordered from somewhere online.

    I am guessing some sort of a gortex material?

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    A google search using myog or "make your own gear" will probably lead to a lot of useful information. The ultralight backpacking sites cover this ground pretty well.

    I did find this from a quick search:

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    Awesome thank you, this will give me a starting point.


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