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Thread: WTB Kid's Snowmachine Helmets

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    Default WTB Kid's Snowmachine Helmets

    I'm looking for two snowmachine helmets for my little dudes. They're 5 and 7 years old, but they have very large heads for their age. If anyone in the Anchorage/Eagle River/Valley area has one or two that your kids have outgrown, I might be interested.

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    We don't have snowmachines, so I am not entirely sure if the helmets are the same for ATV's or not. But I think we have at least one ATV helmet that Alex outgrew from age about 3-6. Last summer we upgraded Kaitlynn to a bigger size and Alex moved up to her old one. It is a full face helmet. If they happen to be the same, let me know.
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