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Thread: Anyone dipnet silvers in the Copper River?

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    Default Anyone dipnet silvers in the Copper River?

    I know most people who go dipnetting on the Copper River want to get the Reds, but I have heard of some people who catch silvers in the Copper River. When do the silvers arrive in the dipnetting area? Does it take longer to fill your permit later in the year? Can they be caught from shore or is the Charter the way to go? Any info would be great. Thanks.


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    Default Silvers

    I went down in Sept? one year. No one around, it gets dark and cold(water slashed up on rocks was frozen in morning) Those Silvers aren't as rich or oily so they don't freeze very well. I thought I'd done something wrong but others have said the same. Even a couple months in the freezer and they don't taste very good. Most people seem to say the thing to do is to smoke them and they're fine.
    There are no charters running that late. It is neat the have the place pretty much to yourself though. I had pretty good luck dipping, not real easy but not real slow.
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    I've dipped off the shore right at O'Brien creek in September a couple of times. I caught about half/half silvers and sockeyes. Most silvers were very soft meat and I figured they were close to their spawning rivers since salmon do seem to regulate their break down physically as to how near to spawning they are.

    Both the Tonsina and Tebay are not far from Chitina and they both are major spawning rivers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chitina View Post
    I went down in Sept? one year. No one around.....
    I went on the Labor Day weekend once. It sucked. It was like the 4th of July.

    I caught silvers, but if I remember right, it was maybe half a dozen of them.

    It might be better the weekend after.


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