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Thread: Hiking the Kenai Pennisula/Denali

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    Default Hiking the Kenai Pennisula/Denali

    Hey Guys;
    I am going on a 7 day trip ranging from Homer to Denali. Looking to do some hiking and anything else cool along the way. Does anyone have any recomendations for trails that are "must hike?"

    Also, does anyone have any recoomendations for a good tour of Denali?

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    Kachemak Bay State Park (Homer) is excellent. You could easily spend (3) days there. There are a few hikes along the way up to Anchorage, but I would assume that Denali is where the hiking would be the best. I've taken the AK Railroad from Fairbanks to Anchorage so I didn't get to hike Denali, that will be the next trip. Seward has a few trails in the area. If this is your only trip to AK, I would go to Seward and take the Kenai Fijords 8 hour boat trip for sure. Bring a camera with a long zoom, and enjoy the wildlife.


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