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Thread: Forest Service----UPPER MANAGEMENT----Got head up BUTT STUPID'ittis

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    Default Forest Service----UPPER MANAGEMENT----Got head up BUTT STUPID'ittis

    Anyone who knows me personally or from posts on different forums, knows that I appreciate that the QUALITY of my life is greatly enhanced by my residing in The National Forest. But if I had a button to push that would alter the Upper Management of the Forest Service.........I would be pounding it.
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    Like booze and gun powder, government and money don't mix. Did not Fairbanks just pay a lawyer $16,000 so the mayor would not have to pay a thirty seven dollar fine.
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    Certainly, the USFS could stand to work on improving its image and its relationship with forest users, but forking over 10 million dollars of pork to some consultant is ridiculous. Good on AFSEEE for calling BS. I remember when the current slogan "caring for the land and serving people" was implemented. Many of us working in the forestry field at the time thought a more appropriate slogan would have been "serving up the land to uncaring people"...
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    What a shame. Instead of fixing their problems with the money they want to spend it to improve their image so we the public are not so upset about not fixing the problems.
    I need to get me some of those no bid government contracts.
    Then again the director of the Chugach has stated that he doesn't care what federal law says. What he says goes on the Chugach is what the law is.
    Granted after saying that he refuses to put it in writing.
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