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Thread: Spotting scope case.

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    Default Spotting scope case.

    Made a water resistant spotting scope case to attach to a pack. Used headliner material to pad it and lined it with silnylon to keep it dry inside and used a urethane coated water resistant zipper.

    Made this one larger and unpadded.

    I cut the pieces out, 3 each 7 x 20, one for each side and one to use as a doubler for the side the straps are sewed to. 2 side pieces 4 x 27, 2 2 x 6 each pieces for pull tabs. 1 piece 4 x 27 one for a weather guard to cover the zipper, I should have made one of the side pieces larger to accomplish this and will do so next time. The first one I made I used a waterproof zipper and did not realize until after I cut material that I need a rain guard. I use a #8 coil zipper.


    rain guard.

    Sewing in zipper

    Zipper is sewn and then flipped and stitched again.

    Same done for the opposite side.

    By leaving some extra zipper, the pulls can be zipped down making it easier to sew in zipper without the pulls getting in the way of the foot.

    Here you see the pieces with the zipper and rain guard sewn in and the attachment points and pulls sewn on and the side pieces end hemmed.

    Zipper and close up

    The sides sewn on the back.

    In the photo you can see, that my non zipper side piece is wider,, I failed to take into account the material needed to sew in the zipper once the material is flipped.

    The finished un-padded case weighs 7.30 OZs

    The smaller padded case with the water resistant case weighs 8.10 OZs

    Finished un-padded.

    Both side by side.

    I'm learning My ATX 95mm fits good in this one and is large enough to get it in and out quickly.

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    Great job on the case.
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    It's official. ROCK! That is a great case.

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