I make this with deer loin just like it is made from pork loin.

If you don't want to give up a loin, any roast seperated from the hind quarter will work.

I make a brine using:

5 quarts of ice cold water

6 Oz. white or brown sugar

2 Oz. insta cure (it is also called prague powder #1 or speed cure)

8 Oz. of salt.

That's it. Trim your meat very lean and soak it in the brine for 6 days in the fridge.(you gotta plan ahead) Remove from brine and rinse. Place meat in smoker pre-heated to 130F with the damper wide open. Hold at this temp for 4 hours without smoke, Turn the temp up to 150F and close the damper to half open add wood chips for a moderate smoke and hold for 3 more hours. increase temp to 160 and close dampers. Hold meat at this temp until the internal temp of the venison is 155F. Remove from smoker and run under cold tap water until the internal temp is 100F. Pat dry with paper towel and refig. overnight. I like it fried with eggs but it is good cold on a sandwich. You can see from the pic it is much darker than pork that I smoked at the same time (after soaking in the same brine) but it has the same sweet flavor. Enjoy.

Fry it up with some fatty bacon and enjoy.