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Thread: Making a wet formed leather knife sheath

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    Default Making a wet formed leather knife sheath

    I started with 6 Oz. leather for the face.

    in order not to trap the finger guard (and the knife) in the sheath. I had to build up the area behind the guard. I used foam and tape.

    I soaked the leather front and back.

    then started massaging the leather over the knife.

    It's kind of like working with a piece of balogna. The white thing a bone folder/creaser

    When finished. I set it in the sun to dry.

    When it dried and while I still had it on the form. I punched the lacing holes.

    Then I cut it out and used it as a template to make the back of the sheath. For this I used 8 Oz. leather

    To keep the leather from cracking during the bend, I got it wet.

    Then I glued and sewed the belt loop in place.

    I then added a deer head stamp to the face.

    Next, I cut the pieces for the welt out of the scrap from the face and glued them in place.

    Then I changed my mind and added a 2nd row of lacing holes To give it more strength.

    After stitching, I trimmed all around for an even margin.

    next, I wetted the edge and used the slicker to round it off.

    I want this sheath to have a deep rich color but also wanted to see some of the tan through the die so I diluted the stain with alcohol.

    Once thoroughly saturated, I let it sit for a few hours to dry.

    To waterproof the leather and give it a nice sheen, I used mink oil and then warmed the sheath of the burner of the stove to make it soak in.

    The knife and sheath are done.

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    You have so many great and well explained projects...Thanks for sharing!


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