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    What would you recommend for a suit around Ketchikan? Thanks

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    In the late 1990s I was working in Ketchikan for a summer and dove with Wind N Sea Diveshop/Charters. They may still be around. People usually use a DUI suit. I have a Poseidon drysuit. It is a coin toss between a crushed neoprene suit like a DUI and a noninsulated drysuit which I prefer in the summer as it gets to hot topside. I like the claw style mits though. Scubapro developed anarctic regulator with a diveshop in Juneau that they sold for years I have one and never encounter ice up. Its great but I haven't been into a dive shop looking at gear for over a decade.


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    Thanks Sobie, I'll check in with them when I'm back.


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