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    In the next year or two I will beging the process of getting my private pilot's license. I am looking to fly tail-draggers and was wondering what flight schools there are in Anchorage that would accomodate this. Maybe even the name of a coordinator or trusted source.

    Also, I'm currently finishing up school in Colorado but am looking to move back up to Alaska here fairly soon. Would it be recommended to wait until I get to Alaska to get my experience since flying in Alaska is much different than Colorado?

    Also, I've been given rough estimates of between $5k and $7k to get the license and was wondering if this is a realistic estimate.

    Thanks in advance for any input.


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    It used to be as low as $5k , but now that the oil cartels have ecided that we will pay whatever they demand, the price has risen. I Would say more between $6 K to $8k.
    Buying your own plane is one way to do it. Yes it will cost much more for the initial lay-out, but you will be able to fly mush more. Plus it forces you to fly since you already have a plane.
    One of my students is now selling the older C-172 that he has flown for two years. Now he is moving up to tailwheel and floats.

    Years ago I did all my original flying in a tailwheel and actually had a hard time transitioning to a nose wheel during my instrument ratings.

    Be aware that many tailwheel planes are not set up with the instrumentation needed to obtaion you private rating.
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    You might call the flight schools in Anchorage and find out what they get per hour for their planes, then start doing some math. Every time I see a dollar figure for a private I grimace. They are almost always based on the FAA minimum requirements of 40 hours in the airplane, and often do not include much ground instruction with your instructor. It seems the average is flight time a person has at their private is more like 55-60 hours, some much more, not many have much less.

    If you want to fly taildraggers, I assume you are planning on buying your own, as there are very few to rent, even fewer to rent solo. So, you might just buy your plane, then find an instructor. Or, preferably, have an instructor or someone knowledgeable about planes help with your purchase. As floatpilot mentioned, there are alot of planes that do not have the necessary equipment for a private checkride (usually an approved install of a nav system).

    You also might look into flight schools down south, get your private, then buy your plane. Some places have drastically less expensive instruction than others. I think Take Flight, a school in Anchorage, is getting @ 135/ hr for a 172 dual. You could do better down south.

    Good luck.



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