Looking for recommendations, thought and or comments on a portable intercom and headsets.

I like on the Kuskokwim River and drive a 20 foot Alweld with 175 H.P. Johnson. The motor is actually really quiet, it is the sound of the water running under the thin aluminum hull that is noisey. Since this is a wide boat, I have to practically scream to my wife to say anything. Communications are a drag to say the least.
This year I want to change that: with an intercom and pair of headsets for both of us. I am looking at the Lightspeed QFR-C Solo passive headset ($145 each), and the Pilot USA PA 400ST intercom at $175.00. I like this intercom because it comes with a 12V plug-in so I can use one of my auxiliary outlets.
I wish I had $800 to drop on the latest 50 dB ANR headsets, but that is way too much; this isn't an airboat.

Your thoughts, recommendations and any advice appreciated.