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Thread: Harrisburg Outdoor Show Boycott

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    Default Harrisburg Outdoor Show Boycott

    Hi folks,

    I'm exercising a little executive privilege here in promoting some companies who have taken a stand on a very important issue. So for those of you looking for a free ride here, please don't take this as license to promote your business outside the confines of our rules. And let's not turn this into a discussion about our inconsistencies. As the owner of this site I reserve the right to make an occasional exception. That said, the following listings in this post do not constitute an endorsement of these businesses or their values, other than their willingness to take a stand for our Second Amendment rights.

    It appears that the largest outdoor show in the country has caved in to recent attempts to violate our Second Amendment rights. The Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show, in Harrisburg, PA, has decided not to include "certain products that in the current climate may attract negative attention..." (from their website). In other words, they are issuing their own in-house ban on so-called "assault weapons", together with vendors who manufacture, sell, or use them in the field. Not surprisingly, there has been a firestorm of opposition.

    The following vendors have pulled out of the show this year, according to My Northeast Outdoors, and the list is growing. In recognition of these companies who are taking a stand on this issue, we offer the following list and links to their sites. It appears that the list is growing, as word of this gets out. Visit the My Northeast Outdoors site for a complete listing. Those in bold type are Alaska-based companies. Please note that these companies range in size from small mop and pop operations to large corporations. The decision to ban this show will cost all of them in terms of exposure and sales. We appreciate their courage to take a stand!

    This list comes from My Northeast Outdoors. Outdoors Directory makes no claims as to its accuracy. If you have conflicting information, a link change, or additions, please send me a PM and we will try to sort it out. This is a closed thread. If you are interested in further discussion of our 2A rights, please do so in our 2A sticky in the shooting forum. Thank you.

    2 Million Bullets
    24/7 Hunting TV
    Alaska’s Ravencroft Lodge
    Alaska Outdoors TV
    Ambush Firearms
    American Whitetails of PA
    Antler Insanity
    Apex Tactical
    Appalachian Big Game TV
    Arrowhead Outdoors
    Athens Archery
    Atlantic Tactical
    Avian X Decoys
    Bangin Redhedz Turkey Gear
    Bear Archery
    Benelli USA
    Blitz TV
    Bohning Archery
    Boondock Outdoors
    Bow Hunter’s Den
    Bow Life, LLC
    BowHunter Planet
    Camo Addiction
    Campbell Cameras
    Cochrane River Outfitters
    Cody Turkey Calls
    Cold Steel Knives
    Combative Edge
    Continental Divide Outfitters
    Cross Canyon Arms
    Cutting Edge Bullets
    Darkwoods Blind
    Dead Ringer
    Deer and Deer
    Direct Action Tactical Firearms
    Dirty Dog Outdoors
    Domari Nolo Defense Consulting
    Dominance is Everything Hunting System
    Dominator 365
    Down N Dirty Outdoors
    Driven TV
    Droptine Outfitters
    DuckWater Boats
    Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation
    Eastern Outdoors
    Easton Bow Hunting
    Excalibur Crossbow US, Inc
    Farmland Trophies Outfitting
    Fear No Evil
    Field Proven Calls
    Firearms Industry Consulting Group
    Flatline Productions
    Foiles Migrators, Inc
    Forbes Turkey Calls
    FOXPRO High Performance Game Calls
    Full Circle Outdoors
    Furtakers TV
    Ghost River Outfitters – Alberta
    Gone Wild Outdoors
    Goodling Rifles
    Gut N Tag, LLC
    H.S. Specialities
    Heartland Whitetails
    High Lonesome Outfitters
    Hoyt Archery Inc
    Hunter Safety Systems
    Hunter Specialties w/ Rick White
    Hunters and Guides Connection
    Hunters Comfort, LLC
    Hunter’s Specialties
    Huntin’ Is Good! TV
    IceHole Coolers
    International Bowhunting Organization
    Iron Kin Hunt Club
    J & M Traditions
    Keystone Country Store
    Keystone Elk Country Alliance
    King of the Mountain Inc.
    Kinsey’s Outdoors
    Lancaster Archery Supply
    Major League Bowhunter
    Men in Treestands Productions
    Midwest Whitetail Adventures
    Mindful of Nature LLC
    Mountain Dog Chews
    Muddy Outdoors
    Muskie Moose, LLC
    NasHunt Outdoors
    Nature Blinds, LLC
    Northern Hideaway Outfitters
    Northern Outdoor Lodge
    Northern Wilderness Outfitters
    Old Goat Outdoors
    Open Season TV
    Outdoor Channel Outfitters
    Outdoor Edge Knives
    Outdoor Specialist Group
    Ozonics Hunting
    PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs
    PA Taxidermist Association, Inc
    Pat Strawser Custom Calls
    Pennsylvania Trappers Association
    Perry’s No Peep Archery Site
    Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve
    Primal Urge Outdoors
    Primos Hunting Calls
    Proc’s Huntin Buddy
    PSE Archery
    Radical Hunter
    Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment
    Red Star Arms
    Revolution Hunting
    Rhino Outdoors
    Rougeaux Taxidermy
    S & W Outfitter
    SecureIt Tactical
    Skull Shine
    Smith & Wesson
    Southern Game Calls
    Spook Span
    Sportsmen of North America TV
    State Line Bone Mine
    Staudt’s Gun Shop
    Stay Ready Inc
    Stokerized Stabilizers
    Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association
    Table Mountain Outfitters
    Team Overkill
    The Bear Whisperer
    The Outdoor Loop
    The Warmbag
    Thompson Center
    Timberline Outfitters
    TNT Archery
    Tough Country
    Trijicon, Inc
    Triple Mag TV
    Trop Gun Shop
    Turnbull Manufacturing
    U Slide Bow Hunter
    Ultimate Camo
    Umax Outdoors
    Upper Canyon Outfitters
    Wallaston Lake Lodge
    Tex Mex Outdoors
    Watson Air Lock
    Watt’s Truck Center
    Whitetail Bosses
    Whitetail Freaks
    Whitetail Heaven Outdoors
    Wired Outdoors
    Woodcock Limited of Pennsylvania
    X-Stand Treestands
    Zink Calls
    Zook Cabins

    Best regards,

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    Default Show Postponed / Cancelled

    It appears that Reed Exhibitions, the company that runs the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, scheduled for February 2-10 in Harrisburg, PA, has canceled or postponed the show. This decision comes in the wake of an overwhelming negative response to their decision not to include so-called "assault rifles" in the show, because they believed that including them would somehow detract from the show's emphasis on hunting and fishing. This decision seems to overlook the fact that AR-15 style rifles have been used for hunting for many years, and that the vast majority of AR-15 owners are hunters and fishermen. Because scheduling a show of this magnitude requires so many details on the administrative side, and on the vendor side, it is unlikely that this show will occur in 2013.

    Outdoors Directory wishes to offer heartfelt congratulations to those who supported this boycott by standing with other companies who were effectively banned from this show. We must be vigilant in the defense of our Second Amendment rights. At the same time, we express our disappointment for the financial impact this has had on everyone, including those vendors not directly affected by this issue, but who planned to attend. There are no winners in situations like this, but it is our sincere hope that Reed Exhibitions has received the message that the outdoor community will not stand idly by while the Bill of Rights is trampled underfoot. It is our hope that the show will resume next year, inclusive of all members of the sporting community.

    We are allowing some discussion of this topic in an open thread in the Outdoor Shows forum. Please keep posts within the guidelines of our forum rules.

    LOST CREEK COMPANY: Specializing in Alaska hunt consultation and planning for do-it-yourself or guided hunts.
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    Mob: 1 (907) 229-4501
    "Dream big, and dare to fail." -Norman Vaughan
    "I have climbed my mountain, but I must still live my life." - Tenzig Norgay


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