The compendium is a compilation of all designations, closures and restrictions imposed under the discretionary authority within the regulations covering national parks. The compendium is a regulatory tool to help manage Alaska's national park areas for the publicís enjoyment, use and protection.

This year, several NPS areas in Alaska are proposing restrictions to taking wildlife in national preserves. These proposals are based on recent changes in State of Alaska regulations pertaining to the take of wolves, coyotes, and bears in some game management units, including certain national preserves. Other proposed changes include the closure of an old trail in Wrangell-St. Elias where a newly constructed trail reaches the same destination, and human waste disposal practices in Glacier Bay.

Public involvement in the compendium process began in early December when the National Park Service held the first of seven public hearings to hear input as these restrictions were being drafted. After this round of public comment on the compendium provisions ends on February 15, the NPS will consider revisions and expects to publish the final compendiums in April 2013.

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