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    Would the Gippsland GA-8 Airvan be a good bush plane? I think it would if it had a power upgrade. It has 8 seats so you can have a lot of passengers and they are easily removeable for serious cargo hauls. What do you all think? The engine I think is only 300hp. There was one at the last SAREX in CAP I went to and the pilot said it nees a power upgrade for the mountains. Other than that would it be good for the bush? I was thinking maybe with floats.

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    bow-wow, they are a dog.
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    Default agreed..

    they are reminiscent of the old Lasa 60's that appeared around here 40 years ago or so.
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    I flew one in Africa and although all the pilots seemed to be in the habit of slating it it actually did a really good job.

    On floats you would need the turbo or a turbine, but great to load as the pax just get in and sit down as its like a car so they don't get confused. It has a great lifting wing and we used to take some bloody huge loads out of hot and high strips and still manage to get a few thousand feet away from earth on the way home.

    The seat is painful after a long day and it is a bit slow, I also don't know how it will be after twenty years of service in a bush environment as it is quite lightly built. But I liked it, it did its job well.


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