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Thread: Ninilchik fly-fishing & clam digging question

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    Question Ninilchik fly-fishing & clam digging question

    I was wondering if there is anywhere close (with-in 20 miles) of Ninilchik that a fly fisherman could catch some fish this weekend. I will be in Ninilchik this weekend with the family, and I will be able to get away for about 3 hours. A species, creek and bait would be great.
    I have checked the tide chart for clam digging and it shows that the minus tide is + one foot. Can I still dig a few clams with this tide?
    I will be happy to give you two Grayling hot spots in Fairbanks if you so desire. I would spend a day fishing with you as well if you desired also.
    THANKS, Rod

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    a +1 tide is certainly small enough of a tide to give clamming a shot... of course, less of the clammy territory will be exposed, and the amount of time to dig effectively is decreased (opposed to a more drastic minus tide), but it's still worth it.
    as far as fly fishing within 20 minutes of ninilchik... you might have some luck on some of the lakes around kasilof (i.e. johnson) providing that there is any open water yet, which i cannot confirm. this is more like a 30 minute drive from ninilchik... the southern peninsula streams (ninilchik, deep creek, and anchor river) are closed until mid may, so your options are really limited right now. the kenai is open until may 1st for trout, but is a bit further than it sounds like you want to go.
    I would check to see if there is open water on the lakes down there... that is really your only available option at the moment within range.

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    Agreed your not going to hit clams in a positive tide. Head for the Kasilof.


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