OK guys, her's the drill. I have a resume in for a position in Fairbanks and hope to be moved up to Alaska before winter. I have a SEL/VFR license, but haven't flown since 88'. After consulting an instructor, he figures I can get signed off and go active again with 6-10 hours of training. I intend to do this in the next month and get comfortable in the air again over the summer.

All my flying has been done in Cessna 152s and 172s. Used to own interest in a 152 but had to let it go when I went through a divorce (hence the aprupt stop of my flying in 88').

Presumably there will be no problem finding instructors up there who will teach me to fly a Cub/Maule, and I would want to get float instruction as well.

What the going rate for rental & instruction up there? How many hours do rental outfits want to see in your logbook (other than as many as possible) before they'll rent for multiple day hops?